Urgent Care

“Thank you Dr. Chan for making my friend Annetta very happy… you are very gentle while taking her tooth out, and the treatment plan was well explained…” – Sandra

“Thank you for relieving my pain with a root canal treatment and I was entertained during the 2 hours appointment by TV and massage chair.” – Sean

“I am very thankful to you for taking me in late evening to treat my emergency toothache. It was 8pm already … I scoured around the neighborhood and found Dr. Chan’s clinic. They were closing already, however they still welcomed me in and stayed for an extra hour to treat my toothache. Thank you very much Dr. Chan!” – Reiko

Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry

“Many thanks for making a beautiful bridge for my front teeth. The color and shape look great and my friends told me that I now look younger than my real age.” – Michelle

“I fell on a boulder and chipped my front teeth. Since I don’t have an insurance plan, I couldn’t easily afford to get this fixed. … Dr. Chan’s staff was very accommodating and the clinic was able to work out a way for me to afford this treatment.

Furthermore, Dr. Chan’s skills are remarkable. My teeth looked even better than before my accident! I’m now proud to show my smile in public once again! Thanks Dr. Chan!” – Amanda

Whole Family Dentistry

“It was not that easy with our pervious dentist. I used to have to buy them incentives on the way to their dental appointment, but they sometimes still refused to go inside of an office.

In Dr. Chan’s office, the waiting room is set up well for kids, so my kids feel less nervous while they were playing a video game and waiting to be called inside. Now they just run straightly into the office without waiting for me after they get off the car.” – Dabby

“Dr. Chan and his staff are very caring and accommodating. They treated my 82 years old grandmother and really gone the extra yard to make her visit to the clinic as pleasant as possible.

The whole team were extremely patient and took their time to thoroughly explain the procedure and answer any questions my grandmother and I had. I found Dr. Chan very sincere, genuine, and truly cares for his patients.” – Jacqulin

“I heard of this clinic from my church friend. I brought in my husband and 2 kids … We were all very happy with Dr. Phoebe and this clinic. Dr. Phoebe is very cheerful and outgoing, so my 6 year old son and 8 years old daughter felt relaxed and content. Not surprisingly, they thought of Dr. Phoebe more like a cool aunt rather than a scary dentist.” – Jessica

“Dr. Phoebe was very gentle, and the whole process was painless. Dr. Phoebe is amazing with kids as well! Our 3 year old daughter tagged along, but she did not receive any treatment herself.

She had so much fun interacting with Dr. Phoebe. Every day since our daughter has been nagging us to bring her back to see Dr. Phoebe. It’s no question we’ll also be bringing our daughter to this clinic.” -Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell

“I was shocked to hear that her kids actually enjoyed their trip to the dentist. Bringing my daughter to the dentist usually involves a lot of kicking and screaming, so I took my colleague’s recommendation to try Dr. Chan’s clinic.

I brought my daughter in to extract a loose baby tooth. Initially there was the usual kicking and screaming, however by throughout the visit, my daughter warmed up to Dr. Chan and his assistant.

During the procedure, Dr. Chan and his assistant made the whole visit into a fun game. My daughter was so distracted from all the fun and barely felt the needle to numb her tooth prior to extraction. At the end of the visit, she even gave Dr. Chan and his assistant a hug!” -Sherri

Patient Comfort

“Dr. Chan and his staff are very friendly and easy to approach. He is a good listener and makes me feel at ease during each of my treatment. One time I did not even feel anything while he was giving me freezing. ( that’s the best part I like about him, a very gentle dentist). I would definitely recommend him to people like myself who is anxious about dental treatment. He may change the way you feel about dentistry.” – Nina

“I have been seeing Dr. Chan since he was an associate dentist in Oakville. When I found out he opened a clinic in Richmond Hill, I followed him there even though it is quite far from my home. Dr. Chan is truly an amazing dentist! even if he moves to Alaska, I will follow him there.” – Marcello

“Dr.Phoebe and her team really took the time to help me understand my teeth problem, to answer all my questions in details and then present my case by high tech equipment. They make sure I feel comfortable with the treatment options before they proceed.

I felt respected more than just being a patient because they listen to my needs rather than just telling me what they think I need. I have recommended Dr. Phoebe to my relatives who are also happy patients.” – Abby

“My wife is quite particular about her dental care. After her first visit to Dr. Chan’s clinic, my wife was very happy and immediately brought in our 2 sons the following week. She also pushed me to drop by for a cleaning appointment, Dr. Chan was very skillful, as the cleaning was thorough and painless.

Afterwards, he even spent 20 minutes explaining his findings as well as answering my questions. I was pleasantly surprised that he even took out his iPad and started drawing pictures to help me understand some of the more complicated dental information, as I often felt I was rushed off the dental chair immediately following the treatment.” – Paul

“From the moment I walked in the door to when I left the clinic, I felt great sense of comfort. All the staff were very friendly and accommodating, and Dr. Chan is truly a very caring dentist.” – Christina